1. Medical Discussion-Based Lectures with Physicians & Professors

We connect registered Socratic Med members with physicians, medical professors, residents, and students from medical schools spanning Harvard and NYU to USC via Zoom. Our lectures focus on exposing premeds to the intricacies of medical science and pathology, ethics, and clinical practice. 

Lecture topics are primarily by Dr. Robert Promisloff, a medical professor at Drexel University College of Medicine professor. He translates medical jargon into digestible concepts. Lectures have covered medical ethics, COPD/emphysema, radiology, COVID-19, and a lecture series on pulmonary diagnostic tests. 

Dr. Anthony Szema, a renowned researcher through Columbia University and practicing immunologist and pulmonologist affiliated with Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell, assists in our medical lectures. He coordinates live lessons with his medical residents for our students via Zoom. He has written several books, most notably, “15 Secrets For Getting Into Medical School: (Go to Yale without going to Jail.)”

2. Advice from Former Board of Admissions Members

Ivy-league MD/MBA candidates and Board Advisors host live advisory sessions with students via Zoom. 

Additionally, Dr. Kyle Green, now ophthalmology resident at Rochester School of Medicine, provides valuable insight on how admissions officers think as a former board of admissions member at the Keck School of Medicine.

3. Internships

We offer worldwide students opportunities to grow as leaders in bettering their local and global communities. Internship positions are focused on promoting ownership in one’s work and are meant for those whose passions align with equalizing the playing field for all premeds. 

We specifically provide opportunities in fundraising, marketing, blog writing, media production, tutoring, extensive networking with doctors and premeds, and student-led disease presentations. 

Ultimately, officer positions grant an opportunity to build a not-for-profit start-up into a large-scale nonprofit corporation. We have laid the groundwork; now, we need your passions and desires to serve underserved students and shape the coming generations of doctors.

4. Volunteering

Volunteer positions are much like internship positions, just with a lesser time commitment and lower responsibility.

4. Premed Community

When you join our Facebook group, Socratic Med, you become a member of a community of over 1,600 premed students from around the world. There you can ask questions and network with others facing many of the same challenges.