Q: What contact information can I list as the contact reference when applying to medical schools?

A: Please email us at info@socraticmed.org stating your name and involvement. We will search our database to confirm hours and titles (if applicable) and reply with your specific contact reference info. For instance, if you are an officer with us, we will provide one of our several doctors’ contact information. For applicants with more involvement with us and are applying to more prestigious schools, we may provide the organization’s department of NY state processing agent – founder and CEO, Timothy Olsen’s contact information. 


Q: What services does Socratic Med offer?

A: Premed resources, such as advisory videos and live Zoom events, internships, volunteer opportunities, networking events, pro-bono tutoring, mentoring, & more!


Q: How can I get involved with Socratic Med?

A: We have opportunities for volunteer tutors, mentors, and other internship positions that provide leadership experience in building a not-for-profit start-up initiative into a nonprofit corporation. Please send us an email at info@socraticmed.org for more information. 


Q: Can I volunteer through Socratic Med?

A: Yes, we offer volunteer tutoring and administrative duties with lower time commitment than interning officers. Click here to learn more about our volunteer opportunities: 


Q: When are the zoom sessions, and how can I join?

A: We conduct Zoom meetings with doctors and professional advisors several times a month. The easiest way to know when these occur is by signing up onto our email list by either emailing us at COO@socraticmed.org, telling us you wish to receive news, or joining our Facebook group and listing your email on the announcement with the image of the gigantic intestines photo. Link to contact us.


Q: Where is Socratic Med located?

A: Socratic Med’s headquarter is in the greater metropolitan New York area. We primarily serve students from across the world virtually.

Q: What if I can’t attend the zoom session due to a scheduling conflict? Will there be replays?

A: Yes, we publish recordings of our live events; however, uploading them requires several weeks to months for completion. Attending our live events offers the most value since our events are interactive and question-discussion-based, i.e., utilizing facets of the Socratic method.


Q: Can this count as “shadowing” or clinical experiences?

A: We are currently verifying the exact terminology that students may use when applying. We offer live medical lectures, where physicians teach students clinical medicine through discussions, which is often much more valuable than passive attendance typical of shadowing.


Q: Can we earn certificates?

A: Our mission is to offer questionnaires at the end of our sessions to assess students’ acquired knowledge. Passing these quizzes affords students a certificate. We are currently working on this. 


Q: How long will this program last?

A: We are structuring Socratic Med Inc., legally and structurally, to last in perpetuity as a not-for-profit corporation.