Kinematics and Work?

Mark (520 MCAT) teaches you how to solve free body diagrams, problems involving gravitational force, work, and other high-yield subjects. (1:54:40)

The Cell?

Jenelle (517 MCAT) teaches you about the structure, function, and components of the cell 1/2. Organelles, Nucleus, ER, Golgi, Lysosomes, and Peroxisomes (8:33): 2/2. Mitochondria, Cell Membrane, Prokaryotic and Eurkaryotic Cells (9:28): Full length video of the Cell: (more shorter clips to come)


Mark (520 MCAT) teaches you about thermodynamics


Jenelle (517 MCAT) teaches you about reproduction.

CARS Applying Answer Choices to A Passage?

Chris (520 MCAT) shows you how to apply answer choices on a CARS passage


Mark (MCAT 520) teaches you about electrochemistry Electrochemistry (1:30:00):

Electrostatics & Circuits

Musculoskeletal system

Light & Optics

Fluids and Sound

Reactions & Solutions

Development and Aging

DNA & RNA & Proteins

Acids and Bases


Intro to Biochem

Naming and Isomers

Different Types of Therapy and Approaches to Behavior

Population Genetics

Alcohol and Carboxylic Acid Reactions

Attitudes and Behavior with Group?


Endocrine System

Aldehydes and Carboxylic Acid Derivatives

Social Structure and Stratification

Digestive and Pulmonary Systems


Social Perception and Behavior

Control of Metabolism & Glycolysis & Krebs Cycle & Lipid Metabolism

Lipid Metabolism & ATP Production


Immune System

Lab Techniques/Applications

Reading Experiments

Biological Tests

CHE/PHYS Practice Passages

PSYCH/SOC Practice Passages

BIO/BIOCHEM Practice Passages

The Cell?

Jenelle teaches students about the cell.
Introduction to Neurons – Video 1/6

Chris (520) reviews the basics of neurons.