Our History 

Seeing a need for energetic, not-for-profit work in equalizing aspirants’ opportunities to medicine, Tim Olsen founded a grassroots nonprofit to provide sensible solutions to students with disparate medical school opportunities. Online, the organization’s membership quickly grew to over 1.6-thousand student members in less than eight months. Carrying this momentum, Tim coordinated the name transition from PreMed Advice to Socratic Med Inc., officially incorporating the organization as a not-for-profit corporation in NY state.

Socratic Med Inc. quickly caught several doctors’ and professional advisors’ attention, such as Dubai neurosurgeon, Dr. Waseem Aziz, current Yale MD/MBA Prerak Juthani, and Harvard MD/MBA candidates to join our mission, a team of 40+ dedicated executives, directors, and student leaders. As Socratic Med progressively envisions its future, we plan to offer four main facets: clinical experience, research experience, MCAT tutoring in tandem with medical lectures, and leadership experience/coaching.

In closing, our growth has and will continue to be the byproduct of leadership, innovation, and compassion for all premeds, independent of financial background. Our history and rise is thanks to the helping hands of our national community. 

We stand for you.

We are Socratic Med.


Message from Founder, Tim Olsen

Dear reader,

Socratic Med was born from an innovative quest to coordinate mentorship and lessons by medical professionals for premedical students. 

Inspiration comes from those like Washington and da Vinci–timeless leaders and pioneers. 

Serving those embarking on medicine is our highest purpose.


Tim Olsen

Founder & CEO

Socratic Med Inc.