We are Socratic Med

Students, physicians, and advisors addressing unequal opportunities amongst premeds by providing:

(1) Free MCAT Tutoring & Lessons

(2) Physician & Med Student Events

(3) Upcoming Research Opportunities 

We are Socratic Med

Students, physicians, and expert advisors addressing unequal opportunities for underserved premeds, à la Socratic Medthod.


We are an IRS-registered nonprofit organization, humbly empowering over two thousand students.

We provide:

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Empower premeds to medical school matriculation and beyond.


To be a trusted community partner providing simplified premed and medical field related information within local and national chapters. To empower students with knowledge and leadership opportunities within communities and alongside institutional faculty members to serve others’ needs and encourage pragmatic initiatives that address disparate opportunities and nurture healthcare leaders for generations to come.


We equalize access to medical school enrollment by providing resources and opportunities that low-middle and low-class students typically cannot afford compared to their wealthier counterparts. These resources include:

(1) Free MCAT Tutoring

The nation’s highest scorers donate their time writing, designing, and teaching MCAT lectures and providing one-on-one tutoring to premeds nationwide.

(2) Remote Medical Events

World-renowned physicians and surgeons provide medical lectures to students and discuss med topics with them.

(3) Research Opportunities

We will provide students the opportunity to publish research using data sets.

Excelling in all three areas is critical for medical school enrollment; however, all three are disproportionally inaccessible to underrepresented students, often at no fault of their own.

Our newly formed nonprofit organization, Socratic Med Inc., strives to expand its pro-bono programs and offerings to help under-resourced students enter medicine.* We empower students through leadership roles, pro bono mentorships, and international networking. For example, Minh P., a Vietnamese immigrant and one of our Board of Directors, helps lead the way for similar students. Here is his story, “My family and I emigrated from Vietnam ten years ago. My father works as a blue-collar worker at a small supermarket. My mother does house chores, and I am a student and employee at a Vietnamese restaurant to earn cash and support my family. Overall, I have juggled schoolwork, family, and overcoming language barriers throughout high school and college in various capacities to survive and understand materials. My dream is to improve the medical care offered at public clinics, like those in Orange County that my family and I frequently attend. My family bond drives me to work harder to support them, help students facing similar hardships, and the public as a physician one day.” To meet our mission of empowering inspiring students like Minh and thousands of others to medicine, we rely heavily on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. Without the assistance of community-minded supporters like you, we could not serve our community and make medicine an option for every deserving student. We ask that you commit to supporting our organization by making a cash donation. Our goal is $5,000, which we’ll strategically use for 501(c)3 registration and other necessary startup fees. We will be one step closer to helping underserved students emerge as doctors and healers nationally with your generosity. Most sincerely, Timothy Olsen Founder, Chairman, & CEO/President Socratic Med Inc. *We are currently not tax-exempt.

Your donation helps students

The idea that any student can become a doctor is a far cry from reality. Between test preparation and application fees, thousands of students are unwarrantedly deterred from applying to medical school.


According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), more than 48% of medical students come from the top income quintile, while less than 6% come from the bottom quintile. One major cause for this discrepancy lies in the unavailability of affordable MCAT (medical college admissions test) resources for test preparation. Traditional tutoring services cost thousands of dollars, unilaterally shutting out and hurting our country’s lowest socioeconomic students, and in turn, their communities.


In response, Socratic Med is leveling the playing field by providing students free MCAT lessons and tutoring sessions with the nation’s top MCAT tutors! As such, we are prioritizing merit over socioeconomic backgrounds.


Your donation directly funds our free MCAT tutoring program to improve its long-term sustainability so that every student has the opportunity to progress medicine forward and serve our nation’s most impoverished communities. By elevating our lowest socioeconomic classes, we promote the health and well-being of our entire country.